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Past activities

 Training Methods 

Participatory Engagement

Our utilization of participatory engagement falls within our firm belief that there are no black and white answers to the different matters that we work on. This method allows us to engage our participants in a way that strengthens their analytical thinking and allows them to create a variety of viable solutions and innovative answers to all sorts of dilemmas that might face them to learn from failures and difficulties as well as strengthen their successes.

Immediate Hands-on Practice 

Theoretically, practice is the best! That is why we at believe in the importance of hands-on activities that allow participants to create a link between the theory that they learn with real-life situations that they might encounter to strengthen their understanding of all the different concepts that are present in our pieces of training. This also allows them to mold all the acquired raw information and discover how it can be purposeful in their work.

In-depth Critical Thinking

We aim to prepare our participants and mentees for all different kinds of situations that they might encounter. That is why one of our main focuses is to equip them with the necessary tools to react in the best possible ways. Critical thinking and agile responsiveness allow our participants to understand the concept as applied to all sorts of environments. This helps them identify all components constituting a situation and prepare them to deal with it.

Simulations and Roleplay

These are the closest thing to reality that a participant can experience in a controlled environment. We utilize simulation to create a dynamic interaction between participants, staff, and experts to prepare them for a set of different situations they might find themselves in. This allows our participants to engage with each other in real-life settings and scenarios where they need to reach certain objectives and goals. Roleplay allows participants to take the stance of people or organisms that they might not have been part of before to introduce them to different points of view to improve their negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Group Work and Presentations

Group work and presentations are the activities in which participants are encouraged to shine. With a focus on creativity and avoidance of static objectives, this allows participants to bring their top skills to the table, to work together, learn from each other, and create a marketplace of ideas. This is reinforced by the encouragement of debates and discussions during the sessions as well as during off times. We aim to create a volatile learning space where participants are not just passive learners but rather play active roles in the training.

Follow-up Initiatives

Our training mainly has the purpose of preparing youth for leadership roles in their communities as well as on a global scale, that is why we continuously work with them after the training is over to check their life progress as well as encourage them to carry on being positive influencers. This is done through online check-ins and an open discussion platform that allows them to reach out with any questions or help that they need in fulfilling their potential. That is what we at EMTOC strive to achieve: The creation of a new generation that is both capable and ready to carry on the torch for the future.

 Other trainings upon request 

1. Peace Intervention & Conflict Resolution Foundations
2. Comprehensive Conflict Analysis and Transformation
3. Strategic Peacebuilding Initiatives Design and Execution
4. Community-based Dialog as a Peacebuilding Mechanism
5. Intercultural Negotiation as a Peacebuilding Mechanism
6. Effective Communication as a Peacebuilding Mechanism
7. Mainstreaming Universal Human Rights and Dignity
8. Intercultural, Multilateral & Diplomatic Negotiations
9. Agile Project Management in Volatile Situations
10. Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship