We apply a multifaceted approach including different strategies to ensure the best outcomes for our community.

This includes theoretical and practical training as well as combining both in consultancy and advocacy.


Throughout all activities and programs, we encourage and support the extensive and intensive interdisciplinary, intersectionally, and multidisciplinary academic research of all participants. Academic research is therefore an integrated tool in all our carried our events. Researches (articles, studies, issue papers, and policy analysis) are continuously conducted and shared with the international respective stakeholders.


With the enormous knowledge and experience of our staff and members in the Euro-Mediterranean social, cultural, and political landscape we have unique and evidence-based expertise in various issues such as conflict analysis and, Peacebuilding, and social resilience. Upon inquiry, we cooperate with other organisations and institutions to help them with the realization of their projects and activities.


Our training programs and activities are designed and implemented drawn on evidence-based, results-based, hands-on interactive exercises, cutting-edge research, and best practices in the fields of peacebuilding, intercultural dialogue, non-violent communication, conflict analysis, conflict transformation, critical thinking, agile engagement, and empowerment, as well as design, monitoring, execution and evaluation.


We work with a broad target audience with the aim of promoting and raising awareness of human rights and the prevalence of cultural diplomacy. We also support various and diverse media campaigns in cooperation with social, civil, political organisations and institutions, as well as with journalists and activists to ensure the successful promotion and delivery of international messages and issues in their right contexts.

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