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Embracing Diversity and Inclusion


When researching the issues of social exclusion, it is evident that one of the major underlying factors in this phenomenon is the challenge of our abilities in embracing diversity and enhancing inclusion. This has been further challenged with the recent increased political polarisation. Violent and racist behaviors and words seem to be justified by the fear of “others/them”, and we have the perception that this crisis is something that we have to fight by all means. Therefore, building mutual respect for and acceptance of diversity are crucial to serve as protective factors that imply preventive measures that assist young people in being inclusive and proactively stand against exclusion, violence and xenophobia. However, if lacking the right competences for standing proactively against acts of exclusion, the engagement and intervention of young people for diversity issues may have adverse effects and cause more damage than helping at all. Hence, this project aims at promoting intercultural awareness, social inclusion, and diversity among the young participants, while supporting their development as global and active citizens. In this regard, this project promotes the values and assets of diversity to tackle social ex/inclusion issues. Thus, this project is solution-based.

1. Improving our understanding of diversity, social inclusion, and intercultural awareness;
2. Developing our understanding of the importance of peace and human rights in society;
3. Developing our ability to explore and multiply the positive impact of interculturality;
4. Exploring practical methods for enabling diverse groups to effectively work together;
5. Developing our communication skills and self-confidence related to diversity values.

Learning experience:
The programme has been designed based on the research, needs and issues expressed by young people, considering their time constraints, learning needs and other challenges. It is flexible to adapt to the learning needs and styles of the participants over a range of the entire project. This project will contain three main stages: initial preparation - wherein participants will take part in multiple activities and exercises, exchange mobility - wherein participants will join a 6 day-long activity in Vienna together with the chosen participants from partner organisations, and follow up - wherein participants will implement follow up projects.

Who can participate?
- You live in Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, or Turkey (citizens, non-citizens, and residents);
- You are between 18-28 years old;
- You can commit to participating in the entirety of the programme;
- You can communicate in English (At least B1 level);
- You wish to learn more about diversity and develop associated values;
- You wish to learn more non-formal skills, methods and workshop techniques;
- You enjoy working and cooperating with others;
- You would like to build closer connections with an international community;
- No previous experience in Erasmus+ is needed.

How much does it cost?
- The accommodation, program, materials, meals, and international transport on the project are all covered;
- Participants are required to book their own transport to and from Vienna and we will refund the costs to you after your successful participation;
- Financial aid will be available if needed;
- It is financed by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus+ subsector.

Participation rules?
- You must have the time to attend the entire activity between September 4th and 12th.
- You should involve yourself in all preparation and follow-up activities to the best of your abilities.
- You should apply before 10 July 2022.
- You should sign the participation agreement once selected, within a period of three days.
- You should purchase your travel tickets
 within a period of five days after signing the participation agreement.

Important notes:
- Applicants will be reviewed and accepted based on their motivation.
- More details will be confirmed after selection via email.
- We will select participants based on the timeliness of applications.

All participants will receive a YouthPass certificate for their participation and contributions.

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