(Albania) Partnership with University College of Business (UCB)

EMOTiC is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with University College of Business (UCB). UCB is a higher education institution based in Tirana and it is one of the most famous and most prestigious universities in Albania. The university offers a wide range of academic degrees, Bachelors, Masters, and Diplomas. The main focus of its degrees is on Management and Administration.

This partnership is a result of the common interests of both EMOTiC and UCB as well as a result of their common deep engagement in the areas of youth development and youth capacity building. We are committed to providing students with quality learning challenges. Together we will work on providing more learning, training and teaching opportunities to a wider range of young people. In this regard, we will pay special attention to people with fewer chances due to their social, economic, educational, linguistic, cultural, geographical obstacles.

Future plans include the organisation of short-term and well as long-term international exchanges and training activities on Business and Entrepreneurship, Peace Education, Human Rights Education, Society Development, Advocacy, Inclusion & Active citizenship.