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(closed) Training Course: Community Transformation & Peacebuilding - Vienna, Austria (9.04 t0 14.4)

This call is for applications for 20 participants (residents and citizens) from Austria between 18 and 30 years old for a fully-funded Training Course in Vienna, Austria from Saturday 09.04 to Thursday 14.05 2022.

A Training Course is a project where youth come together for several days to develop their competences (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) on a certain topic. The daily programme of the course is based on learning objectives and facilitated by experienced trainers. The training courses promote the initiative and creativity of participants and have a direct impact on their future personal and professional development and engagement in society.


This call is particularly for the Training Course "Social Conflict Transformation" that will be implemented in Vin Vienna, Austria from Saturday 09.04 to Thursday 14.05 2022. This training brings together 20 youths from Austria. The main aim is empowering youth with the tools and practices needed to actively engage locally and solve local problems through social, peaceful, inclusive and sustainable means and to support the participation of local youth in making a change in their local communities, be it social, political, or environmental change; making a change in an area that represents a conflictual issue to them.


  • Raising youths’ awareness and understanding of other current conflictual issues from various perspectives.

  • Equipping youths with practical well-tested competences that facilitate their engagement in the local society while also solving community issues.

  • Introducing the non-formal approach of conflict transformation as an alternative for empowerment that closes the gap with formal education.


  1. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and live in Austria and would like to participate in this training, please consult the training page and fill in the application form before Thursday 31.March.2022, 23:00h;

  2. Once accepted, you will sign the participation agreement, and receive the info package;

  3. The food and accommodation are fully covered during the 6 days of the training;

  4. After your successful participation, you will be refunded the deposit.

Role of EMOTiC in this project: Main Coordinator and Beneficiary.


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