ENGAGEMENT 1.0: Building a Sense of Initiative and Intervention

Youth are key actors in the presence and in the future and their engagement in society must be enhanced and take a more significant role and participate actively. Hence, our training "​Building a Sense of Initiative and Intervention" is a 7-days training for 20 participants to learn how to be more active in the community and to design and implement initiatives to tackle a community problem to achieve a positive change. Community problems can be social, civic, political or any other conflictual area that affects the society. As a participant, you will choose a specific topic to focus on and tackle during this training. Topics vary from inclusion, diversity, education, integration, migration, equality, solidarity, racism, discrimination, justice, culture, human rights, and youth, to other topics such as employment, poverty, social public services, sustainability, politics, environment and climate change. These are very different topics but they all have one thing in common: the cause of the problem is always "violence" - visible (direct) or invisible (cultural and structural) and to solve any of these issues all we need is transformation skills and tools to address these topics in a constructive way to achieve an impact for ALL.

Learning experience:
During this training, 20 participants will first learn about the major concepts such as "violence", "conflict", "peace" and "transformation" to build a common understanding among all participants. Then you will discover and learn about tools to analyse existing grassroots conflicts and think about possible solutions. Afterwards, participants will work in small groups to design their own initiatives to address any topic that they wish to influence. Participants will be supported during the training to design a comprehensive initiative with an execution plan. All groups will present their initiatives (problem, solution and intervention strategy) and get feedback. After the training, all groups will be further supported by the organising team to implement these newly designed initiatives as a follow-up to this training.

Who can participate?
- you live in Austria (citizens, non-citizens, and residents),
- you are between 20 and 30 years old,
- you can commit to participating in at least 80% of the training program,
- you can communicate in English (B1+ level is enough),
- you wish to learn new skills, methods, and tools,
- you wish to improve your conflict transformation capacities,
- you can cooperate and work with others in a team,

- you are ready to work in a team to design and implement an initiative,
- you are curious to learn and you appreciate diversity in every sense.

How much does it cost?
- This training is for free.
- The training, all materials, meals, coffee and refreshing breaks are covered. 
- It is financed by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

Participation rules?
- You are available to participate in the training from 25 to 31 August 2021.
- You can attend at least 80% of the training program.
- You should fill in this application form before 15.July.2021.

- You should transfer a deposit of 100€ to confirm your participation if selected.
- You will receive this deposit back after you complete the whole program.
- You will not be refunded if you cancel or if you drop out for any reason.

When, Where, What?
- From 25 to 31 August 2021, in Vienna, Austria.
- The exact location will be communicated per email when selected.
- An info package will be also emailed to you when selected.

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