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(OPEN) Expression of Interest in all future opportunities for youth

This is an open call to express your interest in future opportunities to participate in our funded training courses and youth exchanges. Please fill in this form!

A Youth Exchange is a meeting of groups of young people from different countries who gather for a short period to participate in a non-formal learning programme (a mix of workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, simulations, outdoor activities, etc.). With the support of experienced youth workers, participants in a youth exchange can develop competences, become aware of socially relevant topics, discover new cultures, and strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, etc.

A Training Course is a project where youth workers and youth leaders come together for several days to develop their competences (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) on a certain theme. The daily programme of the course is based on learning objectives and facilitated by experienced trainers. The training courses promote the initiative and creativity of participants and have a direct impact on their future youth work or youth policy activities, such as organising quality projects and providing intercultural and non-formal learning experiences for young people.


This call is open for those who would like to receive immediate information once a new opportunity is available. By filling in this form, you will receive information about specific and suitable future opportunities that match your profile and interests.


  • Support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people in education, training, youth and sport, in Europe and beyond;

  • Contribute to the sustainable growth, quality jobs and social cohesion, driving innovation, and strengthening European identity and active citizenship;

  • Promote learning mobility of individuals and groups, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion and equity, excellence, creativity and innovation at the level of organisations and policies in the field of education and training;

  • Promote non-formal and informal learning mobility and active participation among young people, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion, creativity and innovation at the level of organisations and policies in the field of youth.


  1. If you are between 15 and 35 years old and live in Austria and would like to participate in our future fully funded youth exchanges and training courses, please fill in this form to stay updated before anyone else;

  2. Once we have received your filled form, we will notify you about matching opportunities in the future as soon as there is a new call;

  3. All our opportunities are fully funded (covering flights, accommodation, meals, and training and learning materials);

  4. You will need to pay the administration fee which is 30 Euro only, after being selected and confirmed for one of our opportunities.

  5. Then you should buy your travel ticket in consultation with EMOTiC;

  6. When it is time for the activity, you will travel together with the rest of the group from Austria;

  7. The accommodation and food are directly covered during the program;

  8. After your return, you will be refunded the cost of the travel tickets.

You can also join our Whatsapp group to stay updated: click here to join


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