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(closed) Youth Exchange: Green And Tech For Youth - Magliano Sabina, Italy (07.06 to 14.06)

This is a call for applications for 5 participants (residents and citizens) from Austria between 18 and 30 years old for a fully funded Youth Exchange in Magliano Sabina, Italy from Tuesday 7.06 (travel day) to Tuesday 14.06 2022 (return day).

A Youth Exchange is a meeting of groups of young people from different countries who gather for a short period to participate in a non-formal learning programme (a mix of workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, simulations, outdoor activities, etc.). With the support of experienced youth workers, participants in a youth exchange can develop competences, become aware of socially relevant topics, discover new cultures, and strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, etc.


This call is particularly for the Youth Exchange "Green And Tech For Youth" that will be implemented in Magliano Sabina, Italy from Tuesday 7.06 (travel day) to Tuesday 14.06 2022 (return day). This youth exchange brings together 25 young people from Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, and Spain. The main topic is to learn about artistic tools such as immersive art ants its storytelling techniques as well as audio techniques that can be used together to develop an audio guide linked to the environment topic. Participants will learn about and discuss the most important environmental problems and risks that exist in their countries and in the whole of Europe. Participants will learn how citizens, individually and as a group, can make a positive impact on the crisis through alternative tools such as art and audio, and transfer this knowledge to others through creative means.


  • Introducing and practicing the basic concepts and techniques of immersive theatre (interaction & storytelling) and art as experience;

  • Developing strategies to use immersive technologies to guide attention and personalize experiences;

  • Applying the tools of immersive art and technology to environmental issues; and

  • Reflecting on how these tools can be adapted to local contexts.


  1. If you are between 18 and 30 years old and live in Austria and would like to participate in this youth exchange, please send an email with a brief introduction about you and your motivation for participation in this youth exchange to AS SOON AS POSSIBLE;

  2. Once accepted, you should fill in the application form and sign the participation agreement;

  3. Then you should buy your travel ticket in consultation with EMOTiC;

  4. When it is time for the activity, you will travel together with the rest of the group from Austria;

  5. The food and accommodation are fully covered. You will be staying in shared rooms in the ecOstello Magliano Sabina

  6. After your return, you will be refunded the cost of the train ticket.

This project is hosted by Project XX1.

Role of EMOTiC in this project: Partner and Co-beneficiary.

The project is funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Commission.


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