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Partnerships for Youth: Learning Mobilities in Spain

A youth learning mobility is a transnational meeting of youth groups between 13 and 30 years old from different countries who gather for a short period to participate in a non-formal learning programme on a specific topic/area. The topics are very diverse! Mostly these programmes focus on the environment, climate change, human rights, gender issues, migration and refugees, youth empowerment, employment, mental health, diversity, & tolerance, etc.

The period of these opportunities last from 7 to 23 days including travel days. The average duration of such learning mobility is 9 days. The participating countries can be European or Not-European countries. This depends on the partnership consortium and the scope defined at the planning time. There are always at least two countries involved.

EMOTiC as an NGO based in Austria cooperates with NGOs from Spain to form partnerships and design projects that benefit people who are based in Austria (citizens and non-citizens), but also youth from several other countries. In the context of the "​​Partnerships for Youth: Learning Mobilities in Spain", all opportunities listed below are open for people from Austria who wish to travel to Spain with youth from other countries and participate in these programs.

The learning programmes are always a mix of several workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, simulations, outdoor activities, interactive group discussions, presentations, field visits, guest speakers, reflection and brainstorming, etc. There are two different mobility formats of these learning programmes: YOUTH EXCHANGEs and TRAINING COURSEs.

Youth Exchanges aim to:
- foster intercultural dialogue and learning and develop skills and attitudes;
- strengthen social values such as diversity and inclusion and breaking down prejudices and stereotypes;
- raise awareness about socially relevant topics and thus stimulate engagement in society and active participation.

While Training Courses aim to:
-  contribute to high-quality individual practice and the evolution of youth work organisations and systems;
- build a community of youth workers that can support the quality of projects and activities for young people;
- develop local youth work practices and contribute to capacity building for quality youth work.

Thanks to our several partnerships and the support of the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme, these mobility opportunities are fully funded. The cost of accommodation, meals and travel is always covered for all. For some programs, there is an administration cost of 30-50 Euros only which covers extra logistical arrangements.

Below you can see the ongoing and past Youth exchanges and Training Courses in Spain that we have partnered in. Click on each post separately to see more details such as the application form, objectives, dates and further info.

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