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Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis!

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, with some English knowledge and be based in Austria or the EU.

As an empowering organisation, we have designed a volunteering program to respond to the many interests, needs and requests of youth who have the motivation and enthusiasm to contribute to the social transformation of the local society, while growing personally and professionally. The program is for everyone who shares human and community values such as solidarity, inclusion, tolerance, diversity, justice, equality and interculturality and for everyone who believes in the transformative power of small actions to create a bigger impact in the long term for the whole society and beyond.

Our volunteering program does not replace any work of paid staff members. The program is exclusively designed to give practical experiences to those who need them based on their own interests. This volunteering is therefore unfortunately not remunerated as we can not afford to pay extra fees more than the costs needed for the recruitment, supervision, and implementation of the program itself. However, as a volunteer/intern, you are paid a practical experience, a career boost, and lots of fully-funded international training opportunities for personal and professional development.

We acknowledge that unremunerated experiences might create an empowerment gap for youth with unfavoured conditions, but these unremunerated experiences can also create life-changing chances for youth with fewer opportunities who have low skills or zero experience that do not qualify them for a paid opportunity. Being aware of both cases, our volunteering program is very pragmatic way with professional manners and quality standards to provide the volunteers with a meaningful and enriching learning opportunity that does not overwhelm them or cost them anything.

In return, what we expect from you is high motivation, commitment, honesty and integrity.

This opportunity can be done in the form of an internship for your university or career path. All positions are hybrid (MOSTLY REMOTELY) with the chance to actually participate in the in-person training activities that we organize in Austria and also abroad. All volunteering positions are on a pro bono basis and range between 1 week to 3 years based on your interest and availability. Volunteers can commit as much as they want starting from only 3 hours per week. Volunteers/Interns will receive a recognition certificate for their commitment and volunteering time after 25 hours of volunteering.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old, with a good level of English (B1) and be based in the EU.

Some exceptions might be made for motivated youth who are at least 16 years old.

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